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stars-and-stripes-4-14-451 Stars and Stripes, April 14, 1945.

I have only two or three copies of Stars and Stripes in my collection. I went through them the other day with my students- can you believe the date on this one? The train was liberated the day before and of course the last major battle for the 30th/743rd was to be at Magdeburg.

Got an email from a survivor two days before Thanksgiving.

Last year began with 4 survivors and two liberators. Today we are at over 40 survivors and at least 3 liberators from that fateful day of April 13th, 1945.

(See below.) Thanksgiving indeed!


Dear Mr. Rozell:

I recently read your article about Carrol Walsh and the train project and I was stunned. I too am a survivor of that train. I was six years old at the time of liberation and remember the American soldiers who gave us freedom, candy and our lives.

All the best,

Paul A.


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