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After 24 or more hours of travel back to the USA from Israel, we landed in film director Mike Edwards’ hometown of Columbus, Ohio. I am here to support Mike, as he was invited to be the keynote at Ohio’s Holocaust Commission commemoration at the State House, and will be interviewed by Governor Mike DeWine himself.

Right now, I am billeted in a downtown hotel near the State House, awaiting pickup for the short ride there.

(Ohio Statehouse last night, me walking by to pick up cold pizza.)

Also in attendance will be the daughter and son-in-law of 30th Infantry Division Ohio soldier Chuck Kincaid; the shock and horror at seeing the survivors of the train just after liberation caused him to write letter to his pastor, which was shared with me by Mark Andersen fourteen (!) years ago. You can see it here, it will be included in the program.

I’ll be in a better frame of mind tomorrow.

I am also sharing a link to the full news story we did at the local NBC affiliate here in Columbus, WCMH.


They took the time to get the story right; they cared. I will also include the shorter version I recorded from the TV in my hotel room from the evening news. As you can see, we are pretty passionate about our mission and education, even if only running on four hours of sleep. The jetlag disappears as the adrenaline in recounting this powerful story kicks in, though back at the hotel at dinnertime I ordered food, set my head down to relax to await its preparation, and promptly fell asleep for hours… but cold pizza was just fine with me.

We hope that our message of love and hope transcending time and space resonates, and that it will be contagious.

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