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Yesterday, May 21, was the 63rd anniversary of the burning to the ground of Bergen Belsen by the British Army.

“Three American soldiers, one of them named Max. who liberated the train.” This message was from the son of Dina Rubinstein of Israel. It came to me on the 63rd anniversary liberatorsof the liberation. The guys may be members of the 743rd Tank Battalion. Anyone out there know who they are?

Dear Matt


Today is the13th.

My mother still considers its to be her birthday, pity she is not in condition to come and meet you all.

My late father passed the same route that Mr. Ernest Kan did and met my mother then in Magdeburg. Since that day on they were together till the day he passed away.

I will show these clips on Saturday when my mother and all the rest of my family gathers at my place for the Passover eve dinner.

Even though I do not know you personally, and sure you do not know me, you mean a lot to me, you touched me deep inside.

I have no more words to explain my feelings, just want to thank you all for that wonderful gesture you made to my parents.


Joseph Matzkel

Givatayim, Israel

These are the three guys who saved her life.

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