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Holocaust Remembrance Day Schedule

Jewish Federation of Ulster County
Sunday, April 7, 2013

Please enter quietly, take a card, light a candle, and then take a seat

Music composed by MARJORIE BERMAN and sung by the WJC YOUTH CHOIR

 Welcome by HARRIET MILLER, President of Ulster County Jewish Federation and
BRURIA FALIK, member of the Board of the Ulster County Jewish Federation

 Lighting of the 6 Memorial candles

Poem: I am a survivor, written BY SANDY FALK, and read by DANNY FALK, children of Bruria Falik


Candle lighting honoring the memory of liberators MAJOR CLARENCE BENJAMIN,

 JULIA INDICHOVA will read a Memorial Poem

RUTH HIRSCH will speak briefly

Survivors will briefly share their experiences

MATTHEW ROZELL will present “Honoring the Hours of Liberation and Defeating the Legacy of Hitler”

MR. ROZELL is responsible for reuniting Holocaust survivors of the Bergen Belsen concentration camp with the actual American solders who liberated them from a train transport in the closing days of World War II. To date, over 240 survivors have been located around the world, and ten reunions have been held since 2007 with the soldiers who freed them.

Mr. Rozell and his students were named ABC World News “Person of the Week” in September, 2009. He is also a Teaching Fellow of the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum, and has spoken on behalf of their educational programs. The museum maintains a national corps of skilled secondary teachers who serve as leaders in Holocaust education.

Matthew Rozell is also a history teacher from Hudson Falls, NY, and the 2012 recipient of the National Society of the Daughters of the American Revolution Founders’ Medal for Education. For the past twenty years he has worked with high school students in preserving the narrative history of the World War II generation. Mr. Rozell was recently selected to travel to Germany, the Czech Republic and Poland for three weeks this summer to study the Holocaust with the Holocaust and Jewish Resistance Teachers’ Program. His work can be seen at teachinghistorymatters.wordpress.com.

Refreshments will be served following the program.

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I’m a teacher.

This blog is about the Power of Teaching.

If you decide to spend a few moments here, you will see what I mean…

Start by studying the photograph below.

I mean, click on it to enlarge, really look at it.

Study the faces.

Imagine being the man behind the lens…

Matthew Rozell

Enter a caption

You may be here to find out more about the photograph that shows the moment of liberation. Watch the ABC News clip below about how I was first shown it by US Army veterans of World War II, the story they told me, and what I did afterwards, and the consequences of those actions.

[My new book on this will be out this July. You can put in a pre-order notice, above- GET THE BOOK HERE]

It is nothing short of a miracle.

Then again, in the words of one survivor, there are no coincidences.

Feel free to contact me or re-post this website.

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Do you know that nearly 250 survivors of this train transport have now had contact with their actual American liberators? It’s true. There are 10 other photos of the liberation that day on this site, and many folks have been identified.

Feel free to explore. Thanks for stopping by.


During our second Holocaust survivor/American soldier reunion, we reached out to a student audience of 1500 kids over three days. Just before the final farewell  banquet  the ABC piece below aired, and the soldiers, survivors, teachers and students watched it together in a restaurant lounge.

Not a dry eye!

Matthew Rozell

Official ABC site and video


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